Would you like to build core strength & stability?

If so, you can become an online client by enrolling in my Core Strength & Stability specific 12-week program 


Build your core strength with this 12-week program

It blends exercise & education leaving no stone unturned.


You'll follow my 5-step formula

1. Consultation and assessment

Once you’ve completed them, you’ll receive personalised feedback and advice based on your answers

2. Core Strength & Stability Tutorials

Learn key knowledge that makes your core stronger. You'll know how to build a strong foundation that can make your whole body stronger.

3. The 12-Week Program

Filled with exercises proven to build a strong core & healthy joints.This program can make your core stronger than its ever been.

4. Core Workshops

Four powerful workshops that give you complete core strength & stability. Learn 4 fundamental exercises that tighten your abdominals, protect your spine and strengthen your hips.

5. Online Coaching Support

You’ll also be contacted by me every 2-weeks and receive personalised feedback and advice throughout the program

What you'll receive over the 12-weeks

By enrolling and becoming an online client today, you'll get more than just an exercise and stretch program. It's the first of its kind that teaches you how to do the right exercise in the right way... so no matter your level, you can bet you'll begin build your core strength & stability.

  1. A core strength & stability consultation, which will help us make the 12-week program specific to you
  2. A Core Stabilisation Assessment so we can measure your improvements through the program
  3. Exercise for Core Strength & Stability Tutorials that set you up for success
  4. The 12-week exercise and stretch program and support emails
    • And if you’re busy you get the option of 15, 25 or 45min workouts depending on your available time
  5. The Core Skills Workshop where you'll learn how to perform the right exercises in the right way 
  6. The Movement Training Workshop where you'll learn how to reduce tension on your spine
  7. 4x Core Stabilisation Exercise Workshops where you'll learn how to improve core & spine stability
  8. A Stretching Workshop where you'll learn how to improve the flexibility of tight muscles 
  9. Foam Rolling Workshop where you'll learn how to relieve muscle aches

And a no questions asked

"“After the birth of my 3 children all by C Section, the 3rd did not heal properly, I was left with a large separation and Hernia. I was very nervous starting exercise again and after a few weeks I felt much stronger and confident and only 3 months later my core is much stronger than it has ever been."

Sarah B
Building Core Strength & Stability

A little about Chris

I developed this program from over 10 years of experience & 1000's of hours of working with people who want a stronger core.


About Chris

I am a Specialist Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist & Lecturer since 2008 with over 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience. 

I specialise is low-back pain, posture and core training. I work with people with these condition on a daily basis at my gym in Bristol, UK.

I've been trained by the best Doctors, Professors and Therapist in the world. This lead me to creating my tried and tested method of rehabilitation and training and given the people I work with long standing results.

You also get the extra benefits of online coaching

  • You can follow your program and workshops on any device
  • Easily and conveniently access anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • Workout in the comfort of your own home
  • Progress the program at your pace
  • You don’t need any equipment all the exercises are performed are bodyweight
  • And if you’re busy you get the option of 15, 25 or 45min workouts depending on your available time

You can become an online client and overcome low-back pain like the 350 other people have since 2012

Our online platform gives you 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

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What you get

The 12-Week Core Strength & Stability Program & Tutorials 

The Build You Core Workshops

Plus all bonus material

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