Build core strength & stability?

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Fact #1 

If you want to build core strength and stability it’s best to train it as one unit rather than individual muscles. Unfortunately many people think if you have strong muscles you’ll have a strong core by default.

Let's be clear training individual muscles will give you strong individual muscles and training your core as on unit gives you a strong core.

Fact #2

There are secrets to how your core is designed, the layers of muscles, the lines of muscles fibres and the joints around the torso. They work best one unit because one tissue holds it all together and makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Fact #3

You learn how engage all the muscles of the core using 2 different types of exercises, you minimise stress on the spine and you maximise power from the hips.

But what about a six-pack?

If you want bulging abs, sit ups and crunches might work for you but they wreck your spine and you won’t be doing them for long. Your core works in 1 specific way and the muscles of your core enhance that by working together. Each muscles plays its role and the right exercises make that happen.

These proven facts are just some of what you'll learn


What else you'll learn from this eBook:

  • How your core is really meant to work
  • How the muscles of your core are really meant to work
  • How your core is really designed
  • The secret muscles of your core
  • How to engage these secret muscles
  • 2 types of exercises that enhance core strength and stability
  • How the muscles of your core work together
  • The difference between core strength and core stability
  • How to train your core for rehabilitation of low back pain
  • How to train your core for fitness
  • 2 bad exercises
  • 1 ugly exercise
  • 8 core exercises to start
  • How to put it all together into workouts

Once you’ve completed this eBook you’ll equipped to build a strong and stable core. 

If you a beginner, intermediate or advanced and you want a better core you’ll learn the essentials that will get you there.

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