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How to build core strength & stability eBook

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What you'll learn:


In this practical eBook you'll learn how to really build core strength & stability, by taking you through each step one at a time.

  • From learning more about the how your core really works
  • All the major muscles of the core and how they work together
  • The best stretches for Lordosis with coaching points to get them right
  • The difference between core strength & core stability
  • How to use core exercises for rehabilitation 
  • How to use core exercises for fitness training
  • The best core exercises and coaching points to perform them correctly
  • The worst core exercises that can lead to injury
  • To how to combine them into a unique core workout

As an extra bonus you'll learn how many days per week you should perform the exercises and stretches, how many reps and sets, how long you should rest and the intensity.

If you want to get started this is a must-have eBook because as you're reading it you're also making your work through to build your core strength and stability.

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