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How does the program work?


How will you correct your Lordosis?

By blending stretching, exercise & education leaving no stone unturned.

1. Lordosis Tutorials

Key knowledge about the anatomy of Lordosis that helps you improve the alignment of your pelvis and improve the posture of your spine.

2. The 12-Week Program

Every 2-weeks you're sent the next follow along workouts that help loosen your tight hip muscles so you can reduce the curve in your spine.

3. Posture & Core Workshops

These workshops help your learn how to get the most from the program, how to position your pelvis and flatten your spine.

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"“Following years of bad posture and incorrect movement my muscles became extremely tight, resulting in soreness from even light exercise. I now have greater flexibility, muscle suppleness and core strength; enabling me to get back into sport without the fear of injury!"

Mo K
Improve Lordosis

"I've had lordosis for as long as I can remember and what I was tried in the past wasn't working. Using Chris' method and stretches really did help. My hips became more flexible and I felt the pressure on my low-back get much better"

Tierney J
Improve Lordosis

"This program has helped my posture so much, the program is easy to follow and the workshops have helped me reduce the curve in my lower spine."

James T
Improve Lordosis

"I've tried doing the stretches I found online and I tried strengthening my core but nothing worked like this program. It taught me how to get my pelvis and spine into the right posture and what muscles I needed to work on"

Jo H
Improve Lordosis

"Thanks Chris, this program has really helped my reduce the curve in my spine, when I began I could get my hand in between my lower back and a wall, now I can just get my fingers in between them"

Greg D
Improve Lordosis

Extra benefits of online coaching

  • You can follow your program and workshops on any device
  • Easily and conveniently access anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • Workout in the comfort of your own home
  • Progress the program at your pace
  • You don’t need any equipment all the exercises are performed are bodyweight

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12-Week Correct Lordosis Program

Correct Lordosis Tutorials 

Correct Lordosis Stretching Workshop

Correct Lordosis Foam Rolling Workshop

Build Your Core Workshops

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About Chris

I am a Specialist Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist & Lecturer since 2008 with over 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience. 

I specialise is low-back pain, posture and core training. I work with people with these condition on a daily basis at my gym in Bristol, UK.

I've been trained by the best Doctors, Professors and Therapist in the world. This lead me to creating my tried and tested method of rehabilitation and training and given the people I work with long standing results.



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