Learn how to overcome your lower-back pain 

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What you'll learn more during this webinar

How my tried and tested formula can help you overcome your low-back pain.


What you'll learn about this method

There are 3 stages in any journey to overcoming low-back pain; understanding your low back pain, reducing your low back pain and improving spine health

Understand you low back pain

If you know how your back becomes injured you got the first piece in the puzzle to making it better.

Reduce your low-back pain?

The second piece is, going from a painful back to a pain free back.

Improve spine health

The final piece is maintaining your healthy spine for the future. Although there is no prevention you can absolutely reduce risk.

Client case study

Featured in this webinar

Current low back pain 

He was in constant pain and couldn't walk pain-free for more than 30's. He went to the doctor and was given pain-killers, then a physio and diagnosed with stenosis. After a year he was still in pain and did know what else he could do.

He began to study all the videos he could get on my methods. He emailed me and began using my online service.

What online package did he choose? Online 1-2-1 Coaching

His initial goal was simple

  • To walk with minimal symptoms

After online session one

  • He was walking for 3mins without pain

After online session two

  • He was walking for 7mins with out pain

After online session three

  • He had been walking up to 40mins without pain 

After online session four

  • He hadn't experience any pain for 2-weeks 

Your low back pain is specific to you and so is your rehabilitation. I can't promise these results and quick progress but I can promise the same attention to detail and expertise.

What this client said after 4 sessions

All the advice and recommendations featured in this webinar are specific to this client.

"Thank you for your services, I just couldn't believe that your system would cure or fix my symptoms of lower back pain but it did, I am now able to walk for 40mins without stopping and no pain. The progress has been unbelievable with my condition, so once again thank you"

Client Case Study
As featured in this webinar

About me

For as long as I could remember I’d loved sports but from the age of 14 I've suffered with back spasms. I was devastated to find that some days I could do little more than lay on the floor in pain. So, I began a journey to learn what I could and to improve my situation.

I found out as much as possible about the human body and in 2008 became a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, not only helping people overcome their injuries and improve their fitness, but helping them to understand more about the issues their bodies were facing and how to prevent further problems in the future.


Learn how to reduce lower-back pain with The Fundamentals of Spine Health Free Webinar Hosted by me, Christopher Hole, Exercise for Low-Back Pain Specialist Thursday, June 4, 2020 6:00 PM BST (If you can't make this time you can watch on replay)


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