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The problem with most Lordosis treatments

#1 They only focus on stretching

Stretching is one piece in the puzzle, the effects of stretching lasts for 20-30mins and then it starts to reduce. On its own, stretching won't improve your Lordosis.

#2 They don't engrain better posture

Treatments for Lordosis normally only include a few stretches a few time a day. If your spending 1 hour per day in good posture? What are you doing for the other 23. The longer you can spend in good posture the faster it improves

#3 They don't educate you

The more you know the more you can do to help. If you only know some simple basics, you'll only do those simple basics. If you can learn more about Lordosis the more you can do to treat it.

How do you correct Lordosis?

Improving Lordosis is more than doing a couple of stretches, it’s learning good posture. This doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and incremental improvements each day.


There are 3 ingredients to correcting Lordosis

Stretches are an important ingredient for these incremental improvements but they aren’t the entire therapy. Exercises are the second ingredient and everyday movement is the third. Put all 3 together and you have powerful method for improving Lordosis.

Stretching loosens tight muscles and joints so they can move into a better posture. Specific exercises teach the brain this better posture and movement engrains it.

Why are these steps important?

Just like so much of poor posture is learnt, so is better posture and the stretches and exercises in this ebook will help you loosen the right muscles and activate the right muscles.

What you'll learn from this eBook:

  • How to compare a normal spinal curve with lordosis
  • A closely associated condition of the pelvis and the muscles involved
  • How lordosis effect different areas of the body
  • 3 essential components for treating lordosis
  • What muscles to stretch
  • What muscles to activate
  • How to treat Lordosis with everyday movements and postures
  • 2 fundamentals for flattening your lumbar curve
  • 3 Stretches to combat Lordosis
  • 3 step process for flattening your lumbar curve
  • 4 fundamental exercises to activate muscles of your core and hips
  • Essential workout guidelines to follow each day 

Once you’ve completed this eBook you’ll have the tools to need to begin correcting your Lordosis.

So whether your new to the exercises and stretches or you just need to refine your skills you’ll be able to start your journey to an improved posture.

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