Rehab your lower back pain

Discover the low back pain strategy I use with my clients when you enrol in the online course

Lets first look at some rehab errors people can make

Rehab error 1:

Many people are given just an exercise program. An exercise program has it’s place but so many people tell me their core gets stronger but their pain doesn’t reduce. During this course I’ll help you learn when to start exercise.

Rehab error 2:

Many of these low back pain programs last 12-weeks. Your low back pain doesn’t work to a time frame. If you do the right thing your pain can reduce immediately. This course doesn’t have a time frame, you work at your pace and move on as your pain reduces.

Rehab error 3:

People aren’t shown how to improve their everyday movement and posture. This is the easiest thing to improve and can reduce your pain the most. As you work through the consultation and assessment, I’ll highlight what could be the most beneficial movement and postures to improve.

How you can overcome you low back pain with this online course


Follow these 3 stages

And you'll discover the best rehab strategy for your low back pain

This isn’t an exercise program, it’s much more.

Stage 1: Consultation & Assessment

If someone comes to my clinic with low back pain, first, I have to get to know them and their low back pain. For this, I use a low back pain specific consultation and assessment.

Then and only then can I create a rehab strategy specific to them

This is how I begin the online course, by guiding you through the online consultation and assessment so you can build your strategy.

After helping you build your strategy you can start putting into action.

It doesn’t end there...

Stage 2: Pain-free movement workshops

As you put your strategy into action you continue to discover what helps you reduce your pain and update your strategy, making it better and work faster.

I help you do this through the online workshops that teach you how to reduce the stress on your spine as you move everyday.

In these workshops you’ll also learn 

  • How to adapt your posture to minimise the impact on your low back.
  • How to relax the muscles around your lower back so they don’t feel so tight
  • How to stretch in a way that reduce your low back pain and the best stretches to do it
  • The best exercises to use and how to perform them correctly.

And finally, as your pain reduces and you become more pain-free there is an exercise program that can help minimise the risk of low back pain in the future.

And finally...

Stage 3: Low Back Pain Rehab Workouts

As you become more pain-free there are low back pain rehab workouts that can help you build a resilient core and stable spine.

There are 6 levels of workout that progress you cautiously. 

These exercises help...

  • Increase your core endurance
  • Stabilise your spine
  • Reduce stresses on your low back
  • Improve your overall movement



Low Back problems has helped rehabilitate

You might have been diagnosed with:

  1. Spinal stenosis
  2. Disc bulges
  3. Disc herniations
  4. Sciatica
  5. Disc degeneration
  6. Facet joint arthopathy
  7. Retrolisthesis
  8. Disc dehydration

Or you may experience low back pain:

  1. When you sit for prolonged periods
  2. When you stand for prolonged periods
  3. When you walk
  4. From bending forward
  5. When you lie in bed
  6. After exercise
  7. In the morning
  8. That goes into your buttocks or down the back of leg
  9. That goes into your feet to toes

Starting online has zero risk

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"I play hockey at a high level and as a Dentist I am sitting for the majority of the day, as a result I started to get pain in my lower back. It wasn’t chronic but enough to distract me from my work and after a number of months I needed to get it sorted. After just 4 weeks of Chris' method my back showed incredible improvements and after I was able to focus on increasing my core strength, something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a student.”"

Brad H
Overcome Low-Back Pain

"I've had back problems for 5yrs, I've seen physio's and chiropractors but nothing seemed to work. I began following Chris' Low-back pain method and within weeks I began noticing a difference."

Jess N
Overcome Low-Back Pain

"Chris' low-back pain program really helped my back. I had pain throughout the day, I knew I had to start exercise but didn't what to because I was unsure what was right. Chris' coaching gave the right stretches and exercises, my core got stronger and I felt my pain reduce."

Kate M
Overcome Low-Back Pain

Extra benefits of learning online

  • It's mobile friendly
  • Easy and convenient to access
  • Workout at  home
  • Learn from an expert
  • Progress at your pace
  • No equipment needed
  • 15-20min daily workouts 
  • Lifetime access

Join the hundreds of people I've helped overcome their low back pain from all over the world

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You receive:

Self-Guided Consultation

Self-Guided Assessment

Pain-Free Movement Workshops

Foam Rolling Workshop

Stretching Workshop

How to perform exercises correctly workshops

Core Strength & Stability Workouts


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a full spectrum of qualifications with a focus on low back pain. With these qualifications I am able to help my clients at any stage of their fitness journey from overcoming injury to enhancing performance.
1. Personal Training Level 3: Fitness Coaching
2. Personal Training Level 4: Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist
3. Sports Massage Level 3: Sports Massage Therapist
4. McGill Method Level 1: Foundation for a Pain-Free Back
5. McGill Method Level 2: Assessment
6. McGill Method Level 3: Enhancing Performance
7. FMS Level 1: Functional Movement Screen
8. FMS Level 2: Exercise Programming
9. UKSCA: Foundation
10. UKSCA: Weight Lifting
11. UKSCA: Planning

I work with with a range of Low Back problems and here are 7 examples

  1. Helping a client overcome a severe back spasm from lifting cooker into the back of a car
  2. Helping a client diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and unable to walk for more than 30’s without pain to being pain-free
  3. Helping a client with Spondylolythesis to be able to do fitness training safely
  4. Helping a client with a Disc Bulge and unable to sit without becoming painful to reducing their pain so they can sit pain-free
  5. Helping a client with Disc degeneration and only being pain-free when sat down to returning to a pain-free everyday life
  6. Helping a client with Sciatic symptoms for 10yrs to become pain-free
  7. Helping a client with chronic back muscle tension and on medication to reducing their pain and medication

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The online course is a self coaching course that has all the coaching you need via video tutorials and workshops. If you do need additional coaching you can book single coaching session when you need them.

No, you don’t need any equipment to get the most from the course. There is a foam rolling workshop and exercise library if you have one or if you choose to get one.

There is no set time-frame for this course because everyones low back pain is unique to them and someones rehab will take longer than another. 

If you are unsure you can consult your GP or Medical professional for further advice. Alternatively you can book an online consultation to understand your suitability.

More About Chris

I have been a specialist in Bristol helping people overcome lower back pain since 2011. I use the McGill Method and Christopher Hole Training Method as a Specialist Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

I've also taught 1000's of Coaches and Trainers all over the UK. With over 12yrs and 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience, I want to share my tried and tested formula with you.

  • Personal Training Level 3: Fitness Coaching
  • Personal Training Level 4: Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist
  • Sports Massage Level 3: Sports Massage Therapist
  • McGill Method Level 1: Foundation
  • McGill Method Level 2: Assessment
  • McGill Method Level 3: Performance
  • FMS Level 1: Screening
  • FMS Level 2: Programming
  • UKSCA: Foundation
  • UKSCA: Weight Lifting
  • UKSCA: Planning

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