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#1 The right way to overcome your low back pain

I don’t have to tell you that low back pain can be debilitating but it’s not always helpful when you’re given medication as a sole therapy. Medication will give your the pain relief you need but not always overcome the underlying problem.

Overcoming low back pain requires you to get to know your low back pain a little better. What might causing it? What makes it worse? What makes it better?

Learning about your anatomy helps as well because so many people get told they need a stronger core but it’s really strong already. It could down to tight areas of muscle, poor movement, too much muscle fatigue in the area or a problem with the spine itself.

#2 The right way to overcome your low back pain

Avoiding sit ups and crunches because wreck your spine and repeat an injury mechanism that slowly weakens your spine. Improving your posture because aligning your joints reduces the stress on them and reduces your risk of pain. Avoid ing stretching your hamstrings and low back because that make your low back more sensitive to pain.

#3 The right way to overcome your low back pain

  • Learn to do the right exercises, in the right and in the right amounts.
  • Learn to move in a way reduces the stress on your spine
  • Learn to stretch the right muscles

How to overcome low back pain eBook

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What you'll learn from this eBook:

  • Common causes of low back pain 

  • 4 common side effects of poor movement and posture

  • The problem with exercise

  • Poor posture and lifting technique

  • The right exercises

  • How to do them in the right way

  • The right amount of exercise

  • A 6-step process to rehabilitation

  • What might be triggering your pain

  • 2 stretches to avoid

  • 3 stretches to start

  • 2 exercises to avoid

  • 3 exercise to start

  • How to put it all together in to low back pain workout

Once you’ve completed this workout you’ll be equipped with best knowledge to start on your journey to overcome low back pain.

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