Would you like to overcome your lower back pain?

Discover your specific rehabilitation strategy with two coaching sessions and online course

Firstly, 4 things to avoid when rehabilitating low back pain

#1: Stretching your low back;

A flexible spine doesn't mean a pain free spine, it might give you short term relief but it can make your spine more sensitive to pain long term.

#2: Stretching your hamstrings; 

Tight hamstrings are generally a symptom of low back pain not a cause.

#3: Performing back extensions;

Exercises like this adds excessive and unnecessary compression to your spine keeping it painful. 

#4: Performing sit-ups or crunches;

 These exercises mimic an injury causing movement to your spine and are best to avoid at all times whether your spine is healthy or not.

How does this coaching help you overcome your low back pain?


What can you expect from your online rehab sessions?

1. Figure out your low back pain

A specialist questionnaire, consultation & assessment, developed by Dr Stuart McGill the most widely recognised spine researcher in the world, looks for the real cause of your low back pain and how to treat it.

2. Regain pain-free movement

After discovering what we need to do, we put it into action during your rehabilitation sessions and after session support.

3. Improve your spine health

As your pain reduces we add the building blocks for a healthy spine so you reduce the chance of it coming back in the future.

Low Back problems I help rehabilitate

You might have been diagnosed with:

  1. Spinal stenosis
  2. Disc bulges
  3. Disc herniations
  4. Sciatica
  5. Disc degeneration
  6. Facet joint arthopathy
  7. Retrolisthesis
  8. Disc dehydration

Or you may experience low back pain:

  1. When you sit for prolonged periods
  2. When you stand for prolonged periods
  3. When you walk
  4. From bending forward
  5. When you lie in bed
  6. After exercise
  7. In the morning
  8. That goes into your buttocks or down the back of leg
  9. That goes into your feet to toes

"I went from not being able to do any exercise, to getting back to the level of fitness I had before my injury. In fact, I am stronger now in many ways than I was before. I had felt pretty broken, but within six months I was able to do a lot of exercise. Chris is very capable and I was able to trust him to guide me correctly. I haven’t had any back pain since I started working with Chris."


"I couldn't believe your system would fix my symptoms of lower back pain but it did. I can now walk for 40mins non-stop and pain-free."


"Thank you for this program! It is a huge blessing to me! Honestly, I was losing hope with what to do with my back and was searching on the internet when I found it. It’s an answer to a prayer!!"


Low Back Rehab Consultation



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You receive:

Low Back Pain Consultation

Low Back Pain Assessment

Low Back Rehab Movement Workshops

Low Back Rehab Workouts

x2 Low Back Pain Online Consultations

Plus: x4 Core Exercise Mastery Workshops

Plus: Stretching Mastery Workshop 

Plus: Foam Rolling Mastery Workshop

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More About Chris

I have been a specialist in Bristol helping people overcome lower back pain since 2011. I use the McGill Method and Christopher Hole Training Method as a Specialist Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

I've also taught 1000's of Coaches and Trainers all over the UK. With over 12yrs and 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience, I want to share my tried and tested formula with you.

  • Personal Training Level 3: Fitness Coaching
  • Personal Training Level 4: Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist
  • Sports Massage Level 3: Sports Massage Therapist
  • McGill Method Level 1: Foundation
  • McGill Method Level 2: Assessment
  • McGill Method Level 3: Performance
  • FMS Level 1: Screening
  • FMS Level 2: Programming
  • UKSCA: Foundation
  • UKSCA: Weight Lifting
  • UKSCA: Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a full spectrum of qualifications with a focus on low back pain. With these qualifications I am able to help my clients at any stage of their fitness journey from overcoming injury to enhancing performance.

  1. Personal Training Level 3: Fitness Coaching
  2. Personal Training Level 4: Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist
  3. Sports Massage Level 3: Sports Massage Therapist
  4. McGill Method Level 1: Foundation for a Pain-Free Back
  5. McGill Method Level 2: Assessment
  6. McGill Method Level 3: Enhancing Performance
  7. FMS Level 1: Functional Movement Screen
  8. FMS Level 2: Exercise Programming
  9. UKSCA: Foundation
  10. UKSCA: Weight Lifting
  11. UKSCA: Planning

I work with with a range of Low Back problems and here are 7 examples

  1. Helping a client overcome a severe back spasm from lifting cooker into the back of a car
  2. Helping a client diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and unable to walk for more than 30’s without pain to being pain-free
  3. Helping a client with Spondylolythesis to be able to do fitness training safely
  4. Helping a client with a Disc Bulge and unable to sit without becoming painful to reducing their pain so they can sit pain-free
  5. Helping a client with Disc degeneration and only being pain-free when sat down to returning to a pain-free everyday life
  6. Helping a client with Sciatic symptoms for 10yrs to become pain-free
  7. Helping a client with chronic back muscle tension and on medication to reducing their pain and medication

At the start of all coaching packages is a consultation, during this I learn as much about your low back pain as I can so I am able to give you the best advice, recommendations, exercises and stretches possible. This learning continues as the coaching continues because every client has their own unique needs throughout the entire coaching process.

Between coaching you are able to contact me via email with your questions and queries. I am able to respond and answer these questions via email or if necessary I can answer your question or query with a personalised video tutorial.

No equipment is needed for online coaching but if you have any and it’s helpful to use we are able to use it.

There’s no set time-frame for online coaching, however the minimum is a consultation and two follow up sessions so we are able to monitor your progress.

If you are unsure you can consult your GP or Medical professional for further advice. Alternatively you can book an online consultation to understand your suitability.


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