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Have you tried any of this to help your low back pain?

If you have and it's not worked, it's time to try something new

1. Stretching your low back; There are 2 reason to minimise this. Number one, a flexible spine doesn't mean a pain free spine. Number two, it'll give you short term relief but it can make your spine more sensitive to pain in the long term.

2. Stretching your hamstrings; Tight hamstrings are generally a symptom of low back pain than a cause. It's better to stretch other muscles of the hip

3. Perform back extensions; Lying face down and lifting your chest from the floor adds unnecessary compression to your spine keeping your spine stressed. 

4. Performing sit-ups or crunches; These exercises mimic an injury causing movement to your spine and are best to avoid at all times whether your spine is healthy or not.

Some other things that help overcome low back pain

  • Learning about your low back pain and what makes it worse and better
  • Putting into practice what makes your low back pain better
  • Gaining feedback about what's working and not working
  • Working with a coach that has been trained in low back pain and spine health


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What can you expect from your bespoke coaching?

There are 3 fundamental steps in my lower back pain rehabilitation

Figure out your low back pain

We learn about your low back pain and what makes it worse and better

Pain free movement

We reduce the stress on your spine by improving your everyday movement

Building Core Strength & Stability

We improve the health of your spine by building core strength & stability and reducing muscle tightness.

"I used to run and do body pump four to five times a week. Then one day, when I was helping somebody to move a cooker, I felt a ripping sensation. I was left unable to get out of bed or work for over a week. I was put on heavy pain killers. A friend recommended Chris. I told my friend I wanted to exercise more, but was scared because I felt so weak. I also felt that I risked making the injury worse. My friend assured me Chris specialised in supporting people who had had an injury and were in pain. I haven’t looked back. I went from not being able to do any exercise, to getting back to the level of fitness I had before my injury. In fact, I am stronger now in many ways than I was before."


"The walks that I have been doing are getting longer without pain, at present I have no lower back pain "


Low Back Rehab Consultation

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More About Chris

I started Christopher Hole Training in 2008 to help people overcome injury & improve fitness and I’m still doing this as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist in Bristol, UK. As my journey progressed in 2010 I began teaching fellow professionals all over the UK and by 2012 I had started Christopher Hole Online Training to share this formula with more people. Now with over 11yrs and 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience, I want to share my tried and tested formula with you.

  • Sports Massage
  • Personal Training
  • Exercise for Low Back Pain
  • McGill Method: Foundation for a Pain Free Back
  • McGill Method Assessment: Converging on Precise Diagnosis
  • Functional Movement Screen Certified

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