Would you like to reduce your Scoliosis?

If so, you can become an online client by enrolling in my Scoliosis specific 12-week program 


Improve your posture

Learn the stretches and exercises to improve your Scoliotic curve in this online 1-2-1 coaching program


You'll follow my 5-step formula

If you've tried some exercises & stretches from social media and it didn't work, it's probably because you were missing the other pieces to the puzzle.

1. Consultation and assessment

Once you’ve completed them, you’ll receive personalised feedback and advice based on your answers

2. Tutorials

You’ll be set up a ready to go with our tutorials that give you all essential information about getting the most from the program

3. Exercise & Stretch Program

You’ll use our mix of exercises and stretches that help strengthen your core and stabilise your spine

4. Workshops

You’ll learn how to do the right exercises in the right way with our easy to follow workshops so you get the technique right

5. Online Coaching Support

I'll contact you every 2-weeks for feedback and you'll receive personalised advice throughout the program


What you'll receive over the 12-weeks

By enrolling and becoming an online client today, you'll get more than just an exercise and stretch program. It's the first of its kind that teaches you how to do the right exercise in the right way... so no matter your level, you can bet you'll begin taking control of your Scoliosis.

  1. A Scoliosis consultation, which will help us make the 12-week program specific to you
  2. A Core Stabilisation Assessment so we can measure your improvements through the program
  3. Exercise for Scoliosis Tutorials that set you up for success
  4. The 12-week exercise and stretch program and personalised support
    • If you’re busy you get the option of 15, 25 or 45min workouts depending on your available time
  5. The Core Skills Workshop where you'll learn how to perform the right exercises in the right way 
  6. The Posture Workshop where you'll learn simple techniques to improve your everyday posture 
  7. The Movement Training Workshop where you'll learn how to reduce tension on your spine
  8. 4x Core Stabilisation Exercise Workshops where you'll learn how to improve core & spine stability
  9. A Stretching Workshop where you'll learn how to improve the flexibility of tight muscles 
  10. Foam Rolling Workshop where you'll learn how to relieve muscle aches

And a no questions asked

Does exercise help Scoliosis?

Science thinks so...

“Results of the present study showed that flexibility, and lumbar flexion and extension muscle strength increased significantly after core stabilization exercise.”

“In conclusion, the present study’s results showed that in the exercise group, the lumbar Cobb angle decreased and lumbar muscle strength increased. Therefore, core stabilization exercise is an effective exercise for reducing the Cobb angle and improving lumbar muscle with asymmetric spinal alignment” 

Effects of 12-week core stabilization exercise on the Cobb angle and lumbar muscle strength


You also get the extra benefits of online coaching

  • You can follow your program and workshops on any device
  • Easily and conveniently access anywhere as long as you have an internet connection
  • Workout in the comfort of your own home
  • Progress the program at your pace
  • You don’t need any equipment all the exercises are performed are bodyweight 
  • And if you’re busy you get the option of 15, 25 or 45min workouts depending on your available time



You can become an online client like the 350 other people have since 2012

Our online platform gives you 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

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About Chris

I started Christopher Hole Training in 2008 to help people overcome injury & improve fitness and I’m still doing this as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist in Bristol, UK. As my journey progressed in 2010 I began teaching fellow professionals all over the UK and by 2012 I had started Christopher Hole Online Training to share this formula with more people. Now with over 11yrs and 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience, I want to share my tried and tested formula with you.


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