Exercise for Low-Back Pain 12-week program

Would you like to overcome low-back pain?

If you do, you can start my comprehensive 12-week online program. It gives you the knowledge, exercises & stretches to build a stronger more stable core to overcome low-back pain.

The  How to Overcome Low-Back Pain 12-week online program includes:

  1. Tutorials with the essential knowledge that will help you overcome low-back pain 
  2. Tutorials about how to get the most from the core and back 12-week program
  3. Workouts with proven stretches that relieve the pressure on your low-back
  4. Workouts with proven exercises that improve the endurance & stability of your back & core

And Online Support

You can leave me your questions, queries and comments to help you on your journey with direct access to me.

You'll have an expert with you every step of the way giving you the support you need.


  • All exercises have instructional videos
  • All workouts come with easy to follow program cards
  • You receive a new workout every 2-weeks
  • All workouts naturally progress
  • You get your own private login to access the program
  • You can access your program on your mobile device or laptop
  • You don't need any equipment
  • You get lifetime access to your program
  • **A 14-day money back guarantee**

Get all the benefits of a personal training program from an expert trainer

Also included with the 12-week program: The Build Your Core Series. Giving you in-depth knowledge of the best exercises for low-back pain.

  1. The Plank
  2. The Side Plank
  3. The Bird Dog
  4. The Shoulder Bridge

You also receive more bonus material absolutely free:

  1. A bonus stretch workout
  2. A bonus foam rolling workout
  3. Bonus tutorials
  4. Bonus expert interviews

Making this the most comprehensive program for Low-Back Pain on the internet

What clients have said

"I've had back problems for 5yrs, I've seen physio's and chiropractors but nothing seemed to work. I began Chris' Low-back pain program and within weeks I began noticing a difference. After 12-weeks I feel like my back is fixed" Jess N

"Since playing hockey at a high level and as a Dentist I am sitting for the majority of the day as a result I started to get a mild pain in my lower back, it wasn’t chronic but enough to distract me from my work and after a number of months I needed to get it sorted. After just 4 weeks my back showed incredible improvements and the final 8 weeks I was able to focus on increasing my strength something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a student.” Brad H

"I used to work out regularly until I injured my back in 2008. I was left in agony, I was unable to move or work for a time, and feared I would never regain her previous fitness level. But within three months I was able to exercise regularly and safely." Jackie F

"Chris' low-back pain program really my back. I had pain throughout the day, I knew I had to started exercise but didn't what to because I was unsure what was right. Chris' program gave the right stretches and exercises, my got stronger and I felt my pain reduce. After 12-weeks I no longer get pain." Kate M


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