Would you like to reduce your lower back pain and rebuild a pain-free back?

Discover how to with this Low Back Pain Rehab Package. 



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Who can this package help?

Meet Jack

He's an office worker but suffers with low back pain if he over does it and he's come to me for help

I'm Chris

That believes in getting you out of pain and rebuilding your lower back so it protects you against injury in the future

How you become pain free

At your consultation we'll discuss what movements, postures, positions and loads make your pain worse 

How you protect your low back

We'll create a tailored rehab plan specific to your low back pain that protect your spine and rebuilds your low back

How you keep a healthy, strong back

You receive online support so you are clear you know what you're doing as you put your plan into action

What have clients said?

Jacky F, 41, a software consultant.

I used to run and do body pump four to five times a week. Then one day, when I was helping somebody to move a cooker, I felt a ripping sensation. I was left unable to get out of bed or work for over a week. I was put on heavy pain killers.

By the time I first saw Chris, I couldn’t do one press up or touch my toes. I was lucky to meet someone as expert as Chris to help get me back into shape safely.

Mike C


"Thank you for this program! It is a huge blessing to me! Honestly, I was losing hope with what to do with my back and was searching on the internet when I found it. It’s an answer to prayer!!"

Donald P


Many thanks for your wonderful service, method and teachings, this is the most complete system of education and training their is. To add that I’am very thankful to you for being able to walk without an aid is life changing, so once again many many thanks.

Neil D


My back was stopping me from being active and getting out of my car was a real problem. During the consultation I was given a new way of getting up from a seat and it transformed my back pain. After combining that with the other recommendations I can go for 3 hour walks and ride my bike again.

Babek E


I've had back pain for a long time and I was starting to stoop forward and to the left because my muscles were getting tight, this is when I knew I had to do something. I contacted Chris and we got started, one of my problems was bending forward at the sink but with one simple change I was pain free and could work on other postures.

Geraldine L

New York

As part of my job I spend a lot of time sat down but my back would get painful and I found it hard to sit down and I hadn't sat at the dinner table with my family for a long time. During the consultation we discussed my problems and started you work on correcting them. We found a new strategy for sitting that kept me pain free and I have been able to sit at the dinner table with my family for the first time in a long time.

Margarita L

San Diego

I've tried just about every therapy there is to help my low back pain but nothing was working. Then I heard about Chris' approach, I watched a lot of this tutorials and  thought I have to try this. I sent Chris all my notes before the consultation and we talk through them all. Now I have a plan to put into action, it's going to take time but I started to see progress. Thanks for all your help.

Sarah L


I’m really trying to make them habits and I feel the difference in how I move and how I sit. There have even been a couple days where I didn’t need to lie down in the afternoon, which is significant. The decompressions have also been an incredible benefit for me. Thank you

What's included in this rehab package?

x1 Online Consultation

Discover what's triggering your back pain and build your rehab plan.

Rehab Plan

Begin your rehab plan to reduce your low back pain and and rebuild your back.

2-weeks Online Support

You're helped to put your rehab plan into action.

How to Overcome Low Back Pain Online Course 

You have access to all the content you need within your rehab plan.

Typical Low Back problems I help rehabilitate


You might have been diagnosed with:

  1. Spinal stenosis
  2. Disc bulges
  3. Disc herniations
  4. Sciatica
  5. Disc degeneration
  6. Facet joint arthopathy
  7. Retrolisthesis
  8. Disc dehydration

Or you may experience low back pain:

  1. When you sit for prolonged periods
  2. When you stand for prolonged periods
  3. When you walk
  4. From bending forward
  5. When you lie in bed
  6. After exercise
  7. In the morning
  8. That goes into your buttocks or down the back of leg
  9. That goes into your feet to toes

Online Consultation & Rehab Package


One time payment

 x1 Online Consultations

2-Weeks Online Support

Tailored Rehab Plan

Online Course + Supporting Content

Enter your details below to start your initial questionnaire

To start your journey to a pain-free back, complete the initial questionnaire

Enter your details below and you'll be emailed the initial questionnaire to fill out. Within 24hrs I'll be in touch and to book your online consultation. When you're booked in I'll send you payment details.

A little about Chris

I have been a specialist in Bristol helping people overcome lower back pain since 2011. I use the McGill Method and Christopher Hole Training Method as a Specialist Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

I've also taught 1000's of Coaches and Trainers all over the UK. With over 12yrs and 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience, I want to share my tried and tested formula with you.

Qualifications & Training
  • Personal Training Level 3: Fitness Coaching
  • Personal Training Level 4: Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist
  • Sports Massage Level 3: Sports Massage Therapist
  • McGill Method Level 1: Foundation
  • McGill Method Level 2: Assessment
  • McGill Method Level 3: Performance
  • FMS Level 1: Screening
  • FMS Level 2: Programming
  • UKSCA: Foundation
  • UKSCA: Weight Lifting
  • UKSCA: Planning