Improve your Mobility 

Follow my tried and tested formula for mobilising joints and improving function


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Complete the initial questionnaires and within 24hrs I'll be in touch to book your 2-hour Mobility Workshop.

How the method works?

Improve Tissue Suppleness

Make tissues supple so they can move

Increase Joint Range of Movement

Lengthen tissues so they can move further


Embed New Range of Movement

Mobilise the joint and surrounding joints so you build new motor patterns

What Clients Say

Madison P

My goal was to improve my squat mobility and after the workshop I had almost achieved a parallel squat. I know my program will work I just need to put everything into practice.

Mo K

My joint mobility has always been naturally good but I've felt unstable. After finding out how my joints need to work together with the right postures I feel in more control when I squat and deadlift.

Dan B

I came to Chris with tight hips and after identifying which movements were most restricted I was to understand what I needed to do. The practical workshop was invaluable because small changes to my posture made a big difference to my mobility.

What's included?

Online Consultation 

First you'll be taken through a set of questions that digs into you goals, motivations, past injuries and other components that influence your mobility program. 

Mobility Physical Assessment

Next, we'll work through physical test that gauge joint range of movement, strength and stability. This will tell us where your limiting factors are and the best way to move forward.

Mobility Workshop 

With all the information and data I'll be able to informed decisions about your program. During the workshop we'll understand the how your body reacts to the mobilisation techniques, stretches and exercises. We'll also focus on technique and posture that assists joint mobility.

Mobility Program & Support

After the Workshop is complete I'll create and send your Mobility Program based on everything we've discussed during the 2-hour workshop.

Mobility Workshop


One Time Payment

  • Initial Mobility questionnaire
  • Comprehensive Mobility Consultation
  • Mobility Physical Assessment
  • 2-Hour Mobility Workshop
  • Tailored Mobility Program
Enter your details below

To get started enter your details below

Complete the initial questionnaires and within 24hrs I'll be in touch to book your 2-hour Mobility Workshop.

About Chris

I have been a specialist in Bristol helping people overcome lower back pain since 2011. I use the McGill Method and Christopher Hole Training Method as a Specialist Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

I've also taught 1000's of Coaches and Trainers all over the UK. With over 12yrs and 20,000hrs of teaching and training experience, I want to share my tried and tested formula with you.

Qualifications & Training
  • Personal Training Level 3: Fitness Coaching
  • Personal Training Level 4: Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist
  • Sports Massage Level 3: Sports Massage Therapist
  • McGill Method Level 1: Foundation
  • McGill Method Level 2: Assessment
  • McGill Method Level 3: Performance
  • FMS Level 1: Screening
  • FMS Level 2: Programming
  • UK Strength & Conditioning Association: Foundation 
  • UK Strength & Conditioning Association: Weight Lifting
  • UK Strength & Conditioning Association: Planning & Programming