Will I miss the attention to detail of working with someone face to face?

Feb 21, 2019

Online training has an advantage over face to face coaching because gives you the opportunity to learn about you. I’ve taught PT’s full-time in the classroom and I’ve taught blended weekend courses. In my experience during full-time courses the student relies more on the tutor, but blended courses encourage the student to work more independently. They also tend to answer their own questions, learn for themselves and ask for confirmation from the tutor and online training offers you this.  

The role of trainers, coaches and therapists

It’s the same story with with PT clients I work with daily, many seek a trainer, coach or therapist to fix them, but only you can fix you. Trainers, coaches or therapists should be facilitators to you fixing you. Online training allows you to think for yourself and gain empowerment of your physical health and fitness.

Teaching, Learning, Education

Teaching basically means to share and to educate is to lead out. If you’re told what to do an exercise or stretch program, you may be doing the right things but you’re not 100% invested in the process and you don’t learn a lot about your body, the injury and your fitness.

My online programs are different, because you learn more about how to overcome your condition. You recognise what knowledge is relevant to you through the workshops and tutorials and then apply it to the exercise and stretch program. This is how you overcome your condition.

Every client I work with

Whether face to face or online, my aim is to help you learn how to overcome your low-back pain, poor posture or build your core strength & stability. This is more powerful than giving you a program and telling you to follow it to the letter because your input is valuable.

An online program that’s specific to you

How can an online program be specific to you? As you learn through the tutorials and workshops you begin to discover what works best for you. With this knowledge you’re able to progress exercises and stretches faster or slower, change reps and sets to suit you and much more.

Learn and gaining an education is the secret to overcoming any injury and improving your fitness. I am here to help guide you on that journey.

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