How did I help Jacky overcome her low back pain

May 19, 2020

Jacky Farrell, 41, a software consultant, Redfield, Bristol.

Jacky used to work out regularly until she injured her back in 2008. Left in agony, she was unable to move or work for a time, and feared she would never regain her previous fitness level.

But within six months of working with Chris, she was able to exercise regularly and safely. 

The workout sessions were tailored to her needs and Jacky believes she is even stronger now because of it. She credits Chris with helping her to get fit and healthy. 

Most of all, she has had no back pain since she enlisted his help. 


Why did you decide you wanted to work with a personal trainer?

I used to train regularly until I got injured and became completely out of action.

I used to run and do body pump four to five times a week. Then one day, when I was helping somebody to move a cooker, I felt a ripping sensation. I was left unable to get out of bed or work for over a week. I was put on heavy pain killers.

I saw a chiropractor for a few months. Once I recovered the feeling in my right leg, which had been numb for a while, I decided to see someone to help get me back into shape safely.

The chiropractor advised me to wait longer before trying to work out, but I was going insane by that point. By the time I first saw Chris, I couldn’t do one press up or touch my toes. 

I was lucky to meet someone as expert as Chris to help get me back into shape safely.


Why did you decide to use Chris Hole Training?

A friend recommended Chris. I told my friend I wanted to exercise more, but was scared because I felt so weak. I also felt that I risked making the injury worse. My friend assured me Chris specialised in supporting people who had had an injury and were in pain. I haven’t looked back.


How has Chris Hole Training benefited you?

I went from not being able to do any exercise, to getting back to the level of fitness I had before my injury. In fact, I am stronger now in many ways than I was before.

I had felt pretty broken, but within six months I was able to do a lot of exercise. 

Chris is very capable and I was able to trust him to guide me correctly. He made sure I carried out do the exercises safely and I noticed a massive change – I was stronger, fitter and pain-free.

Chris helped to teach me a new way of running to help prevent injury. He also ensured I carried out the right stretches and generally looked after myself better. 

I had started to get some knee pain during running, but it’s all gone now because Chris showed me the correct technique. 

I haven’t had any back pain since I started working with Chris. He also helped spur on a good eating plan, regular exercise and it all left me feeling great.


Would you recommend Chris Hole Training?

Yes, absolutely. I would recommend him not only for his recovery-based training, but as a personal trainer in general. 

His knowledge is fantastic and I trust him completely. I feel the work we do is safe and right for me.

I’ve worked with other personal trainers in the past, but a workout with Chris is different. He has introduced exercises I’ve never done before and keeps it varied and interesting.

He’s very professional and understanding. I wouldn’t look elsewhere. 

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