10 important core muscles

Nov 08, 2018

Core muscles are important for a healthy spine, reducing injury risk & sports. They help you at every level of fitness but only a few get the headlines. You’ve probably heard abdominals and maybe oblique’s. These are important core muscles but a small part of a bigger network.

Some important core muscles

Do you know there is a muscle called Quadratus Lumdorum? This is a very important muscle for your spine. Another called Latissimus Dorsi also helps stabilise your spine. These 10 core muscles in the tutorial above are working together to keep you fit and healthy but we don’t always train these muscles together.

Your Core

As I’ve mentioned your core is a network of muscles working together. However the exercises like sit-ups and crunches rarely show this. These exercises work your muscles separately and can hinder your health and fitness. Your core works best when exercises get muscles working together. Simple exercises like the plank and side plank do...

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Low Back Pain Causes

Nov 06, 2018

Low-back pain causes can be varied and hard to figure out but there are clues. First there’s a pain trigger, the moment you experience the pain. Second, what created that pain trigger? Many people treat the pain trigger but forget to look into what caused it. The further you can look back into the injury the more likely you’ll overcome low-back pain.

Pain triggers might be;

  1. A trigger point
  2. Muscle tension or stiffness
  3. Nucleus pulpous touch your nerve

Trigger Points

A trigger point is a small knot in your muscles. They can cause pain at the site of the trigger point or elsewhere around it. For example; hip trigger points are one of the low back pain causes.

Muscle Tension and Stiffness

This is where a muscle remains partly contracted for a prolonged period of time. It’s normally caused by overusing the muscle and can lead to back pain. Trigger points are different because are small knots within the muscle rather than the whole muscle.

Nucleus Pulpous touching your...

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4 Exercises to Reduce Lordosis

Oct 25, 2018

Exercises to reduce Lordosis are essential because they are used to flatten the curve of your lumbar spine. Stretches make your hips muscles looser so you’re able to flatten your lumbar curve. Making Exercises and stretches together the best formula.

How to select the best exercises to reduce Lordosis

  • You actively flatten your lumbar curve
  • You actively reposition your pelvis
  • The exercises start simple

You actively flatten your lumbar curve

Your spine won’t flatten itself; it learns good posture just like it learns poor posture. Lordosis doesn’t happen overnight it will come on gradually and it’s the same for correcting it. The more you perform exercises that flatten your lumbar curve, the greater chance you have correcting it. This is why they are essential.

You actively reposition your pelvis

Your pelvis is closely related to your spine and it affect the your spine. If you have Lumbar Lordosis you can have a tilted pelvis. Exercises to reduce Lordosis are...

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Core Strength: What is it and why is it important?

Oct 18, 2018

Core strength is considered an important part of physical health and fitness. It’s the foundation, as you are only as strong as your core. You may have seen many people lifting heavy weights but in many cases their core isn’t strong enough and eventually they’ll injure. They can lift these weights because they have very strong arm and legs but their core is left behind. This leaves them with a weaker foundation and a higher risk of injury.

In the tutorial above you’ll learn how to build a stronger core that’s healthier and fitter. You’ll learn this from 4 main points:

  1. Definition of core strength
  2. Simple anatomy of your core
  3. Exercise for your core
  4. Why is it important?

Definition of core strength

It’s important to learn the definition of core strength because it helps you understand what exercises to do and how to do them.

Simple anatomy of your core

There are a few fundamentals that add to the definition. It’s the next layer of...

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Exercise for Low Back Pain How to get the right muscles working at the right time

Oct 11, 2018

Exercise for low-back pain is as important as massage or other therapies. In this blog I want to show you how to get exercise right because so many get it wrong. You’ve probably heard the saying “practice makes perfect”, well it’s not the case. Correct practice makes correct practice and incorrect practice makes incorrect practice.

Basically what I’m saying is, you can practice something wrong. This is generally the case for exercise for low back pain. Many people think that doing exercise is right but for low back pain it’s about how you do it. There are a couple of areas to get right and they are:

  1. Selecting the right exercises
  2. Knowing how to do them right
  3. Progressing the exercise to overcome low back pain

Selecting the right exercises

The right exercises for low back pain minimise pressure on the low back, not eliminate pressure. The exercises want to activate areas of the core not single muscles.

Exercises that are out include:

  1. Sit Ups
  2. ...
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Lumbar Lordosis Exercises: How to Flatten your Spine

Oct 05, 2018

Lumbar Lordosis exercises are an essential part of your correction program. They work together with stretches to help loosen the muscles of your hip and correct spine posture. The specific exercises you do are important but performing them correctly is essential.

Purpose of lumbar Lordosis exercises

Many people use exercises to strengthen muscles and some therapists think this is the case for Lordosis. I have worked with many strong people with posture problem and they don’t need to get stronger. They need to loosen muscles with stretching and the use exercises to reposition their spine and pelvis with exercises.

How to Flatten your Spine

Your focus during the exercises is to reposition your spine and you need to make this as easy as possible. There is one fundamental technique you’ll learn from the tutorial above that you use during all exercises. It’s the first thing to master and then add exercises on top. The exercises you use need to be easy to start...

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8 of the best core exercises

Sep 28, 2018

8 of the best core exercises

The best core exercises are the ones that use your core correctly. By putting these exercises together in a workout you'll benefit even more. If you can progress these workouts over a number of weeks your core fitness can go to the next level.

Poor core exercises

On the flip side, the best core exercises rarely focus on one muscle like a sit up or crunch. They tend not to fatigue the core muscles completely and rarely bend or twist your spine.

Starting the best core exercises

Like with learning anything new, start simple, even if you're experienced. There's more to do than just complete the exercise. Focus on how you're doing the exercise, the muscles being used and your posture. The exercises in the tutorial above help you do this.

Fatiguing your core muscles is outdated and can be detrimental in the long run. Laying a foundation like this helps you reduce your risk of injury and increase your fitness.

What you'll learn

In the tutorial above I'll walk...

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Lower Back Stretches: 2 to avoid & 3 to start

Sep 20, 2018

Lower back stretches are thought to help lower back pain. Many people don’t realize this is only a short-term benefit.  In my experience I’ve found that stretching muscles of the hip is more effective in reducing pain in the long-term.

Time and time again I find lower back pain is a symptom of poorly functioning hips. Addressing this problem is more effective than persisting with the following stretches.

The 2 stretches to avoid

The first are lower back stretches in their various form. For example lying on the floor and lowering your knees from side to side. Here you are stretching the muscles either side of your lumbar spine. Stretching these muscles can increase their sensitivity to becoming tighter in the future. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value but for low-back pain they aren’t useful.

The second are hamstring stretches; these muscles attached onto the bottom of your pelvis and continue down the back of your leg to the knee. These...

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Lumbar Lordosis Treatment: One of the four best stretches

Sep 13, 2018

Stretching is an essential part of a lumbar lordosis treatment session. In this blog you’re going to learn more about one of these best stretches. If you would like more details of an entire treatment you can find it by clicking here (Lordosis 3 steps process blog)

Muscles to stretch

There are 4 key muscles to stretch:


Recite Femoris



For now I would like to focus on the Psoas muscle. It starts from each of the 5 lumbar vertebrae and ends at the top and inside of your leg. One of its jobs is to left your leg/knee when standing. When this muscle becomes tight it can cause your lumbar spine to curve excessively.

Stretching the Psoas

To stretch any muscle you need to pull the start of the muscle away from the end. Please watch the video above to find out more about how to stretch this muscle correctly.

Other key areas of you lumbar lordosis treatment session

Massage and other forms of manipulation is a great way to start your session. Now your muscles...

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Core workouts for beginners: 4 ways to increase fitness & keep a healthy spine

Sep 06, 2018

Core workouts for beginners are easy to come by, but a good one is more difficult. I see people training their core every day and most of them are not achieving what they set out. When I speak to them, they tell me they want to increase their fitness whilst reducing the risk of injury. Unfortunately they are using mainstream workouts and exercises. To achieve what they want they must step out of mainstream fitness.

Activate many muscles

Mainstream core workouts and exercises focus on single muscles. This works against the fitness of your core, to build core fitness you must activate many muscles. This means choosing different exercises like the ones from the video above.

The difference between rehabilitation and fitness

“No pain no gain” is another mainstream fitness myth. Core workouts that increase fitness shouldn’t trigger pain. If you are experiencing pain in your back from core exercises, stop. This pain means you have a health problem and it needs...

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