Lordosis stretch to help loosen tight hip flexors

Nov 14, 2019

A good lordosis stretch should lengthen the hip flexors, here is a good one to use that gets more than one of the hip flexors. Lordosis in an exaggerated curve in the lumbar (lower) part of the spine. It happens because the some of the muscle of your hip become tight and stiff. By using the right lordosis stretch can help a lot and with the right exercise you can begin to reduce how tight and stiff these muscles are.

Watch the video for correct technique points

Making sure you do this lordosis stretch is key a factor when correcting lordosis. There are many muscles around your hip that it affect and a change in posture can change the muscle that is being stretched. In a video before this one you learnt a stretch that is very similar. By lifting the foot from the floor you change the muscle that is being stretched.

How hard should I stretch?

As you do this lordosis stretch make sure you feel the stretch and not to the point that you are in lots of pain. Feeling too much pain when you stretch makes your body go into protection mode and the muscle won't become longer. Remember to breathe as you stretch and keep it relaxed and the final point is to not screw your face and neck up. This will also cause your body to go into protection made and affect the muscle in the same way.

How long should I hold the stretch for?

You can hold this stretch for as long as you like as long as you feel comfortable. If you want a time however 1-min will be plenty to start with.

How often should I do the stretch?

Doing this stretch every other day should be Ok, your body will tell you if you doing too often. If the muscle or joint begins to aches ease off and maybe do it every 3 or 4 days.

What more can I do?

Doing this lordosis stretch is a good start and there is more you can do to help loosen the muscles of your hip and lower back. Start our 12-week program by clicking here when you combine stretches and exercises your muscles can become looser faster.

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