Which foam roller is the best for you?

Feb 07, 2019

A foam roller is becoming an essential piece of kit when it comes to exercise. They can benefit you in many ways, such as reducing muscle tightness, increasing your range of movement and making muscles more supple. As their popularity grows, more are being released into the market. With more choice you can become unclear, which is the best for you?

In this blog you’ll learn…

  1. What foam rollers do
  2. When do you use a foam roller?
  3. About different types of foam roller
  4. What effects they can have on your body?

What do foam rollers do?

Foam rollers are a form of self-massage. You apply pressure to a tight area and the movement over the muscle begins to release the muscles tension. As the muscle tension is released your muscles begin to function better, reduce risk of injury and perform better.

When do you use a foam roller?

From the perspective of a workout, it’s good to use a foam roller before a workout because your muscles function better after their use. You can also use them in between sets and between exercises. If you are feeling particularly tight in certain areas of your body, the more foam rolling the better.

From the perspective of goals, you can use them for rehabilitation. You can dedicate an entire workout to foam rolling, this will speed up the recovery of the damaged tissue. You can also use preparation for a fitness workout because they’ll help joints become more flexible allowing you to use a greater range of movement.

About different types of foam roller

There are long ones, short ones, round ones, half cylinders, softer ones, harder ones, smooth and nobly ones. They all serve a slightly different purpose, if you watch the above video you’ll…

  1. What smooth rollers are good for
  2. What nobly rollers are good for
  3. What softer ones are good for
  4. What harder rollers are good for

What effect can they have on the body?

Ultimately foam rollers are helping your joints and tissues become healthy. It might not seem like it at the time because it feels painful. This is completely normal, if muscles are tight or tense they are gathering waste products. As you foam roll them these waste products release and you feel pain. It’s not high-level pain but it can uncomfortable, the pain reduces when the tightness and tension reduces.


Foam rollers are a great way to keep your muscles, joints and tissue healthy. They help you reduce pain and risk or injury and improve fitness. If you would like to find out more about what foam roller is best for you please watch the video above.

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