Back Strengthening Exercises: 4 Good, 2 Bad & 1 Ugly

Aug 30, 2018

Back strengthening exercise can be misunderstood using current fitness thinking. Unlike a bicep curl these back strengthening exercises don’t always back muscle exercises. This might seem a little strange at first but it will make sense when you watch my vtutorial.

In the vtutorial

  1. You’ll learn about the 4 good exercises, 2 bad and 1 ugly exercise.
  2. You’ll also learn why the 4 good back strengthening exercises are so good.
  3. You’ll learn the reasons to avoid the bad and ugly exercises.
  4. And finally you’ll 3 differences between good and bad exercises.

Back strength and low-back pain

Many people still use the old-school thought that back muscles need to be stronger to overcome low-back pain. This isn’t the case because low-back pain can be a symptom of a poorly functioning core. In this situation the last thing your body wants is to strengthen its back muscles.

Indirect back strengthening exercises

A part of overcoming low-back pain is rebuilding you core. This means;

  1. Activating the right muscles at the right time
  2. Increasing your core muscle endurance.

As you do this over a period of weeks and months your “back strength” increases. As a result your low-back pain can also decrease.

Overcoming low-back pain

To summarise, good back strengthening exercises aren’t back muscle exercises. They indirectly strengthen your back by helping your core function correctly. To find out these good and bad exercises please watch my vtutorial above.

If you would like begin overcoming low back pain today you can find out more about my How to Overcome Low-Back Pain online program by clicking here.

If you want to build a stronger core, my Core Strength and Stability online program is a great option for you.

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