The importance of exercise for low back pain part 3

Jun 14, 2019

Exercise for low back pain is an important treatment to make your back better. In part 1 we talked about what is Exercise for Low Back Pain and part 2 was about Exercise as Rehabilitation. Now you’ll about exercise as way of protecting your back.


Your low back

 There are two main parts to your low back, your pelvis and spine. The aim of Exercise for low back pain is to protect your spine using your muscles, tendons and fascia. To protect it they should stiffen, creating a structure to hold it in place. The better is can stiffen the more protection your muscles, tendons and fascia can offer.


Your muscles, tendons and fascia

 Your core muscles are the ones that protect your spine, tendons attach your muscles to bone and fascia hold all your muscles in position. Your core muscles should all work together, so exercises that try to isolate single muscles (like sit-ups and crunches) don’t protect your spine.


 Your Core

 It’s one unit and the sum of your muscles, tendons and fascia. If you can learn to activate all the muscles of your core you’ll increase the protection around your spine. One such way to activate all this muscles is described in the tutorial above.


Exercise for Low Back Pain Webinar

 If you found the tutorial helpful you can join on my next webinar, I’ll be sharing my exercise formula for reducing pain and improving spine health. By the end you’ll have the tools and know how to do it yourself. Alternatively you’ll also have the opportunity to enrol as an online client.


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