Low back pain treatment: Trigger points

Jul 13, 2018

Low back pain treatment can be simple is you know the cause of the pain. When I work with people with lower back pain I have to find the cause of problem first.

One of the common causes I find are trigger points in the hip. These aren’t necessarily where you feel the pain but it radiates there. As you relax the trigger point the pain reduces without any treatment to the lower back itself.

Your low back pain treatment may also need stretching and exercise to work with treating these trigger points.

  1. Massage/ foam rolling to relax the trigger point
  2. Stretching to bring greater length and flexibility to the muscle
  3. Exercise to retrain your body to use muscles correctly as you move

These three steps get your hips and lower back working together. They help the right muscles work at the right time so they don’t fatigue and cause trigger points.

If you want a low back pain treatment program I have put together a 12-week online course. It uses these three steps to reduce low back pain, build core strength and improve movement making your body fitter and healthier.

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