Why does my back hurt if I keep fit?

Dec 20, 2018

Why does my back hurt? Is a common question I’m asked and they want a simple answer with a quick remedy. Unfortunately the answer is rarely simple and there isn’t a quick remedy.

Low Back Pain

Most low back pain is a build up of small “injuries” that go under the radar until they hit a critical mass. As they reach this point they you feel pain but before you thought you were fully fit.

The basic causes of these small “injuries” are small incorrect movements and too little recovery to match your exercise. Your body is working in deficit and not able to catch up and therefore it’ll eventually “fail”

Why does my back hurt? The answer

The first part of the answer is more questions. As a professional I need to find out more about your activities to find out your shortfall. As your shortfall exposes itself you can begin to fill in the gaps. In the video above you’ll what questions to ask to uncover where your lower back pain might be coming from.

Why does my back hurt? The remedy

The easiest remedy is building a stronger foundation to your health and fitness. What’s involved?

  • Core strength
  • Core stability
  • Joint mobility
  • Improved exercise technique

Core Strength

Better described as core endurance, is your ability of your core to hold posture without fatigue. The more your core fatigues the more it’s prone to injury. It means not working into full fatigue like traditionally taught.

Core Stability

Sometimes confused with core strength, it’s your ability of your joints to hold a stable posture. An unstable core increases pressure on the joints around the lower back and makes the muscles tighten.

Joint Mobility

How far do your joints move through their range of movement? This can be different if you’re lying down or standing up.  Improving normally involves massage or foam rolling, stretching and mobility exercises.

Exercise technique

Includes all of the above ingredients and a conscious effort to be in the right position. If you’re not using correct exercise technique it increases your chance of small “injuries” and therefore low back pain.

A program that build this foundation

If you want to improve one or all of these Click Here and enroll in one of my low-back pain programs and become an online client. They are specifically designed to improve all of the ingredients and reduce your risk of injury.

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