8 of the best core exercises

Sep 28, 2018

8 of the best core exercises

The best core exercises are the ones that use your core correctly. By putting these exercises together in a workout you'll benefit even more. If you can progress these workouts over a number of weeks your core fitness can go to the next level.

Poor core exercises

On the flip side, the best core exercises rarely focus on one muscle like a sit up or crunch. They tend not to fatigue the core muscles completely and rarely bend or twist your spine.

Starting the best core exercises

Like with learning anything new, start simple, even if you're experienced. There's more to do than just complete the exercise. Focus on how you're doing the exercise, the muscles being used and your posture. The exercises in the tutorial above help you do this.

Fatiguing your core muscles is outdated and can be detrimental in the long run. Laying a foundation like this helps you reduce your risk of injury and increase your fitness.

What you'll learn

In the tutorial above I'll walk you through 8 of the best exercises that go well to together in a workout. You'll learn good starter exercises and as you get better there are 4 more advanced exercises. You'll learn why they are important and some essential teaching points.

More of the best core exercise

The 8 exercises I've selected aren't the only best exercises; there are other combinations. As you work through the tutorial you'll also learn what your body wants from a core exercise. This can help you select other exercises.

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about the best core exercises you can download my free guide The 4 Best Core Exercises by clicking here.

In this guide, you'll the teaching points for each exercise, how to progress the exercise & how to overcome technique faults. You also receive 2 follow up videos after 5 & 10 days that help you get more from the exercises.

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