Abs Workout: The back breaking reality of sit-ups and crunches

Aug 16, 2018

An abs workout is possibly the most utilised workout in fitness. I’ve travelled the UK teaching fitness; the members of gyms are doing them, the PT’s in the gym as well and people on my course have endless questions about why they shouldn’t.

Although they are popular an abs workout is a poor choice of workout. For two fundamental reasons; they over stress the spine, which could lead to injury. While your muscles seem stronger your core isn’t. This subject is normally met with common questions…

Is a strong muscle the same as a strong core?

Your core performs best as a whole unit. Many people assume by training each muscle on its own their core get stronger. A fully fit core is greater than the sum of its parts. To build a core like this we train it as a whole.

What do I do instead?

Replace your abs workout with a core workout made from Core Exercises. These exercise begin to move you away from single muscles and more into areas of the core and movements.

I don’t feel any pain?

Pain doesn’t equal injury. I’ve studied many injuries and I’ve found a common cause is not the moment/action that caused you pain but micro-traumas. These are small injuries that cause no pain initially but once a tipping point is reached the pain triggers.

Please watch the video above to find out more about these ideas. If you would like a core workout that builds your core and reduces your risk of injury click here.

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