The difference between core strength and stability

Jun 22, 2018

If you enjoy health and fitness, you might have come across the terms ‘Core Strength’ and ‘Core Stability’. In general, many people might be under an impression that both the Core Strength Stability means the same. It is no surprise if someone uses these words interchangeably. Therefore, missing the subtle difference between the two terms.

Core Strength

Kraemer and Knuttgen define the term ‘strength’ as the force a muscle or a group of muscles can generate in a specified movement pattern. Therefore, a person who is able to produce a better movement has more ‘core strength.’

It’s appropriate to refer to the core strength as core endurance. This includes the time you are able to hold in that movement pattern i.e. duration of the position. If you are able to perform the same task repeatedly over a period od time or a day, you have more core strength for a specific task. If you are able to resist fatigue, you will be recognized as having more core strength, but not necessarily core stability.

Core Stability

There is no formal definition of core stability; the phrase refers to the muscles of pelvis, spine & abdomen. I describe core stability as your ability to sustain the unwanted movement of body. Therefore, if you are able to balance and maintain body position with necessary movements, you’ll gain more core stability. Thus, core stability is the ability to be stable in a particular posture or position. You require more coordination and balance in ‘core stability.’

How Do You Improve?

When you start in exercise or you are attempting to enhance your level of core strength stability. The following exercises will be helpful.

  • Planks & side plank (strength)
  • The Bird Dog (stability)
  • Chops (strength)
  • Half kneeling (stability)

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