6 Important Core Strengthening Exercises

Nov 29, 2018

Core strengthening exercises follow a particular formula and in this tutorial I’ll help you recognize it. Common exercises people believe to strengthen their core are sit-ups, crunches, back extensions and so on. These exercises might strengthen a muscle but it doesn’t mean they’ll strengthen your core.

Common Core Exercises

These exercises do a few things that will eventually reduce your core strength;

  1. They produce movement at the spine
  2. They use your spines full range of movement
  3. They focus on single muscles

These 3 ingredients are a recipe for injury and something to avoid. That’s not to say your never going to move from your spine or use it’s full range of movement. Everyday life will require it at some point but to proactively do it using exercise is a poor choice. Your speeding up the injury process and making it harder to overcome problems like low-back pain.

Core Strengthening Exercises

You’re better off following these 6 important reasons that make these exercises important.

  1. Minimises fatigue
  2. Avoid end range of movement
  3. Minimises spine power
  4. Maximises hip power
  5. Exercises that co-contracts core muscles
  6. Encourages independent breathing

These 6 reasons can reduce your risk of injury & increase your potential for greater fitness. Core strengthening exercises aren’t limited to the 6 exercises in the tutorial above but they are a great starting point. They come in 3 categories;

  1. Holds
  2. Momentum
  3. Rotation

If you watch the tutorial above you’ll learn more about these 6 important reasons and the importance of these 6 exercises.

If you’re ready to begin strengthening your core find out more about my 12-week online core strength & stability program by clicking hereCore strengthening exercises. It’s made from exercises like this that can your core stronger than it’s ever been.

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