9 Exercises for Lumbar Lordosis

Dec 06, 2018

Exercises for Lumbar Lordosis are simple but not always easy. They need to fulfill a specific criteria and given time. As you know lumbar Lordosis is a condition of the low back. It exaggerates the curve of your spine and comes with muscles imbalances.

Basic signs of Lordosis

Without being scientific, Lordosis commonly protrudes the abdomen and buttocks. A secondary effect can point your knees and toes inward. A tertiary effect can be a rounded upper back. Lumbar Lordosis doesn’t have to include all of these but there could be a combination.

Lordosis Treatment

It’s best to be guided by your combination of basic sign of Lordosis. This will help you select the right stretches and exercises. The primary signs of protruding abdomen and buttocks is the subject of this blog.

Stretches for Lumbar Lordosis

Target the tight muscles of the hip. Stretch in 20s intervals for up to 2mins. This will create a 20-30min window of extra flexibility in these hip muscles. Use this time to perform the right exercises.

Exercises for Lumbar Lordosis

Now you’ve created extra flexibility it’s time to use it. There are 2 basic goals for these exercises.

  1. Flatten the curve of the lumbar spine
  2. Flatten the abdomen

As you fill this window of extra flexibility with exercise you’ll improve the flexibility of the muscle. Thus making it easier to manage the position of you spine and pelvis.

Watch the tutorial above to learn more about the exercises and stretches that target the muscles of the hip and exercises that reposition the spine and pelvis.

If you find them useful go to my 12-week program by Clicking here and you’ll increase the flexibility of your hips, flatten your lumbar curve and abdomen.

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