Lordosis Exercises: 4 Exercises & 2 Principles

Jul 05, 2018

Lordosis exercises are important for correcting your spine.  The right exercises can speed up the process. Most importantly it’s doing the exercises the right way.

I work with many people that want to do the right lordosis exercises and they can be impatient. Just doing the exercises doesn’t ensure they help you. Making sure they perform them well is the difference.

Two teaching points

When you perform lordosis exercises there are two teaching points you need to apply. Tighten your abdominals and tighten your glutes. These two teaching points help reposition your spine and pelvis.

Just doing lordosis exercises doesn’t mean you’re including these points, you need to add them as you do the exercises.

Four Exercises

In my experience the exercises need to simple enough for you to include the teaching points. If the exercises are to hard you won’t feel the abdominals and glutes tighten.

The easiest exercise to begin is the quadruped, it helps you tighten your abdominals and position your spine and then you can move on to a plank.

 Another exercise is the shoulder bridge, it helps you tighten your glutes and abdominals. If your hamstring muscles work too much you can regress to a hip thrust.

Watch the video above and I give you more information and teaching points about how to perform these exercises using the two teaching points.

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