Lumbar Lordosis Exercises: How to Flatten your Spine

Oct 05, 2018

Lumbar Lordosis exercises are an essential part of your correction program. They work together with stretches to help loosen the muscles of your hip and correct spine posture. The specific exercises you do are important but performing them correctly is essential.

Purpose of lumbar Lordosis exercises

Many people use exercises to strengthen muscles and some therapists think this is the case for Lordosis. I have worked with many strong people with posture problem and they don’t need to get stronger. They need to loosen muscles with stretching and the use exercises to reposition their spine and pelvis with exercises.

How to Flatten your Spine

Your focus during the exercises is to reposition your spine and you need to make this as easy as possible. There is one fundamental technique you’ll learn from the tutorial above that you use during all exercises. It’s the first thing to master and then add exercises on top. The exercises you use need to be easy to start with and gradually get more difficult.

Four Stages

The tutorial is designed with 4-stages and each lumbar Lordosis exercise gets more difficult. The four stages are;

  1. Lying on your back
  2. On all fours
  3. With hip extension
  4. Using a plank

Through all of these stages, your goal is to maintain the position of your spine and pelvis. Don’t worry if the exercises aren’t fatiguing the muscle.

You’ll also learn

Lumbar Lordosis exercises also affect specific muscles. During this tutorial you’ll also learn:

  • What these muscles are called
  • Where they are on your body
  • The teaching/technique points for the exercises

You can combine these exercises with The 4 Best Stretches for Lordosis into a mini workout. These stretches help loosen the tight muscles of the hip so they are ready for the exercises. To download this free guide please click here

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