7 benefits online training can have on your lower back pain

Jan 10, 2019

Online training is a powerful tool that can help you get more from exercise than seeing someone face to face. Possibly a bold statement, but I believe it’s true because you take ownership. Don’t get me wrong, seeing professional face-to-face is valuable. I am one and I know the value people get from seeing me.

However, online training offers you some things you might not have thought about. Below are 7 benefits you gain from one of my online training courses. Please watch the tutorial above for more clarification.

  1. You learn how to overcome low-back pain
  2. You learn about your body and how it works
  3. You learn about your low-back pain
  4. You learn more from the course/program
  5. You can learn at your pace
  6. You don’t become dependent on a Trainer or Physio
  7. You become empowered

All 7 of these benefits encourage you to grow, expand your knowledge and skill set. When people work with me face-to-face my goal is to make them independent because that’s where the value is.

If you’re learning to overcome your low-back pain you reduce your risk of it being a long-term problem. As you’re learning you might experience aches and pain, but it should happen less and with less intensity.

I say this about my online training because you receive the exercise program, workshops and tutorials. The program gives you the exercise, stretches and structure. The workshops and tutorials help you make the program your own because you’ll learn…

  • About your specific low-back pain
  • Whether you can do longer workout 3-days a week
  • Or shorter workouts 5 or 7 days a week
  • How to perform exercises correctly
  • How to progress exercises, if you need to do it faster than the program
  • How to make exercises easier, if the program is going to fast for you

My online training programs are a blend of education and exercise that empower you to overcome your low-back pain. If you’d like to find out more and enroll in my lower back pain program click here

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