29 everyday and exercise tips to get better posture: Lordosis, Scoliosis & Kyphosis

Apr 04, 2019

Maintain a better posture is essential for joint health and overall health. It reduces stress on the joint and surrounding tissues, helping you reduce risk of injury.

In this blog I’ll be sharing 15 everyday tips to help improve your posture. In the video you’ll learn 14 more tips to improve your posture with exercise.


Posture is both static and dynamic; static posture is how to hold yourself when sitting and standing. Dynamic posture is how to hold yourself as you move. Both are as important as each other and you’ll be healthier if you’re good as both.

Your spine

The spine is at the centre of your posture and it has 3 curves at your lower back, mid to upper back and neck. These curves need to be optimal in order to minimize the stresses to the spine. If any of these curves become exaggerated extra stress gets placed on that part.

3 posture deformities: Lordosis, scoliosis & kyphosis

All 3 postures affect a different part of the spine and all come their own muscle imbalances. These muscle imbalances can affect your body in a number of ways:

  • Increase wear and tear on your spine
  • Cause pain
  • Decrease flexibility
  • Reduce your balance

What can you do everyday to help your posture?

  • Be aware of your posture during the day
  • Wear flat soled shoes
  • Hold your phone in front of your face

What can you do everyday to help your posture when sitting?

  • Change your seated position often
  • Get up out of your seat 2-3 time per hour
  • Stretch up in your seat
  • Keep your shoulder relaxed

What can you do everyday to help your posture when standing?

  • Keep your head up
  • Lift your chest
  • Position your hips over your heels
  • Feet hip width apart and pointing forward

Dynamic posture

Dynamic posture is built on the principles of static posture, if you can keep the above in mind as you go about everyday life you’ll be better for it.

If you want to find out more about how exercise can help you improve your posture click here and download. The eBook covers:

  • More in depth about treating lordosis
  • More stretches to loosen the tight muscles of lordosis
  • More exercises to activate muscles of the hip and core

Workout guidelines to put it all together

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