A practical guide for treating Lordosis

Jun 18, 2020

In order to improve your Lordosis you need to do more than a few token stretches. Your body need to learn better posture because if it can learn bad posture it can learn good posture. This is quick to say but takes longer to do and it happens small increments.

How do you learn good posture?

As I've mentioned it takes time and different pieces to the puzzle.

  • Massage
  • Stretch
  • Move


This doesn't have to mean seeing a massage therapist every day or week, you can self-massage with a foam roller for example. The key is to reduce the rigidity to tight muscles ready for stretching. I find the chewing gum metaphor to describes it best, if you take a stick of chewing gum and pull it apart it'll snap in two. If you chew it first and the pull it apart it'll stretch. Massage for the muscles is like chewing is for the gum, it brings suppleness to the muscles so stretching is more effective.


Now that you have supple muscles you can stretch them and this sets you up for the movement stage. Stretching lengthens this muscles and allows the joint to have more freedom of movement. However the lengthening effects of stretching only lasts for 20-30mins before they begin to return to their original length, making step 3 crucial.


Movement can take of the form of exercise or everyday movement, the secret is to move the joint into the position you want it and the body will learn this new position. It also means repeating this position because repetition engrains the posture and the more you do it the faster you body can learn it.

Why are these steps important?

As I've mentioned before, you learn good posture and a few token stretches are just one piece of the puzzle and the three pieces I've described work best together.

What are your next steps?

If you'd like to learn more about correcting Lordosis you can learn to do this in my practical eBook.

So of the things you'll learn are...

  • 3 essential components for treating lordosis
  • What muscles to stretch
  • What muscles to activate
  • How to treat Lordosis with everyday movements and postures
  • 2 fundamentals for flattening your lumbar curve
  • 3 Stretches to combat Lordosis
  • 3 step process for flattening your lumbar curve
  • 4 fundamental exercises to activate muscles of your core and hips
  • Essential workout guidelines to follow each day 

You can download it from my eBook store here



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