7 stretches to help alleviate Scoliosis

Jul 01, 2019

Scoliosis is a posture that creates a s-curve in your spine. There are many reasons for Scoliosis, from genetics to osteoporosis of the vertebrae. This blog isn’t discuss why you might have it, but what you can do about it.


Stretches for Scoliosis


My last blog was about the best exercises for scoliosis and today’s is about stretching for Scoliosis. On their own exercises or stretching can help, but both together is much better. The goal of stretching is to reduce Scoliosis, slow it and reduce muscles tension. There are many stretches that will help and you can learn 7 of them in the tutorial above. With these 7 stretches there are simple principles to follow;


  • Stretch in the opposite direction
  • Stretch your hips and shoulders
  • Stretch over head


Stretch in the opposite direction


If you have Scoliosis you’ll know which way your spine curves. Stretch it in the opposite direction to lengthen the tighter muscles. It will also help your body learn a new position for your spine and your curve can reduce.


Stretch your hips and shoulders


Although they aren’t directly related to your scoliotic spine they can have muscle imbalances. If you can improve the flexibility of these muscles not only will this help with your posture, it will help your everyday movement and reduce muscle tension in other areas of your body.


Stretch with an arm over head


Finally, stretching with your arm over head gives your spine an opportunity to lengthen. It can be done in a formal stretch that you’ll learn the tutorial above and at any point during the day. If you find yourself in a queue, stretch both hands above your head and lean in the opposite direction to your curve.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to stretching for scoliosis but follow these 3 principles and you won’t go far wrong. If you’ve found helpful check out my 12-week online training program for Scoliosis, you’ll learn more and get a full 12-week program that aims to improve your Scoliosis and overall posture.

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