Lumbar Lordosis: Do you have a healthy spinal posture?

Aug 23, 2018

Lumbar Lordosis is natural; it helps give your spine its natural S-shape. When this natural S curve becomes exaggerated it becomes the condition Lordosis. This can also affect your neck but for the purposes of this blog I want to talk about lumbar Lordosis.

In the video above I’ll explain what is the natural curve and what is exaggerated.

Benefits of your natural S-Curve

That S shape of your lumbar spine has many benefits;

  1. Absorbs shock from the lower body
  2. Helps maintain the natural S shape of your upper spine
  3. Stabilises the vertebrae above

How to check for possible Lordosis

A simple way to check for exaggerated lumbar Lordosis is to lie on a flat surface and slide your hand on your lower back. If you have a lot of space between your hand and spine, does your abdomen also stick out? However this space could also be created due to muscle bulk of the gluteal group.

When to check with a doctor?

If the lordotic curve doesn’t corrects itself when you bend forward as if to touch your toes.

How to maintain healthy spinal posture

Most people with Lordosis don’t require medical treatment because it’s not a severe case. A daily exercise and stretch routine is therefore a good therapy for Lumbar Lordosis. You can find out more about my Lordosis exercise and stretch program by clicking here.

Your program wants to focus two things:

  1. Stretching the muscles that have become too active.
  2. Stimulating the muscles that have become inactive

Doing this each day helps your body to learn how to hold this natural posture again.

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